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Beryllen Mineralsenter is beatifully located in the old railway station in Kile, which is located in scenic nature next to the Kile fjord at road 9 between Kristiansand and Evje.


A Beryl crystal in a quartz matrix. Found at Brattekleiv Evje

Beryllen Mineralsenter's main goal is to offer our customers a wide selection of minerals and crystals to a reasonable price.

We are located close to the famous pegmatite occurances in the Evje and Iveland areas. Our shop is also just next to the main road through Setesdalen, only 36 km north of Kristiansand.

We have collected minerals from this area for many years, and have first hand knowledge both as collectors and mine workers in many of the  pegmatites. There are therefore no mineralshop in the world having a better selection of minerals from this area than we have.

We do also have a wide selection from the latest mineral finds throughout Norway.

Please feel free to contact us, either through E-mail or by phone. Of course we would be delighted if you have the opportunity to visit us. 

We will send your order, please see the terms and conditions for details.

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