International minerals


To front page Every now and then we stumble across specimens or small parties of international minerals. All specimens are purchased directly from our good contacts abroad, allowing us to offer quality pieces at affordable prices. Here is a small taste of what we offer. We aim in particular to access minerals from the Scandinavian contries and Russia













We have got our hands on a small but exclusive party of Maroccan minerals. Our selection includes outstanding specimens of vanadinite, skutterudite, erytrin, azurite and rosalite. The prices are from NOK 300 to 8.000,- (USD 43 to USD 1,150, Euro 40 to 1,050)


 Malmberget, Sweden

Within Scandinavia are the minerals from Malmberget widely known. Beryllen Mineralsenter have accessed a limited number of specimens of the minerals stilbite, calsite, quartz/hematite and hornblende. Prices are from NOK 150 to 1.200,-. (USD 21 to 170, Euro 20 to 160)


Ruby, India

We still have a few Indian rubies on stock. The crystals are not gem quality, but their colour is great, and their size is impressive, as the crystals are from 2 to 10 cm long. Prices from NOK 50 til 10.000,-( USD 7 to 1,450, Euro 6.50 to 1,300)


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