Norwegian minerals


To front page Beryllen Mineralsenter aims to have a wide selection of norwegian minerals available for both norwegian and international collectors. Norway has large mountainous areas and good opportunities for exciting mineral finds, mostly from metamorphic and igneous rocks. A small taste of the available minerals are on display here on our homepages.




During road cunstruction work at Akland in Aust Agder, there has been made magnificent finds of several minerals. These mineral finds are discussed in detail in the magazine Mineralien Welt no 3, 2003. Beryllen Mineralsenter has secured several outstanding specimens from these finds. Several of them are our own finds, allowing us to provide very competitive pricing. We will here present:


A number of druses with diopside crystals more than 10 cm has been found, often together with amphiboles and albite. The crystals are found single or in groups and can be magnificent both in colour and shape. Any serious collector should secure himself a specimen from these finds, and remember, in not too long, there is a road where these crystals where found.




Rutile was found in perfect terminated crystals up to 8,5cm, and also in large imperfect crystals up to 5 cm on the edge. The crystals are partly found in druses and partly embedded in apatite and dioside. Some of the crystals are covered with small titanite crystals, and pseudomorfs of titanite after rutile are also found.



Anatas from Hardangervidda

The summer of 2002 was relatively warm in the high alpine Hardangervidda area. This meant that more snow had melted and new areas were exposed allowing new finds of anatase crystals. Beryllen Mineralsenter has a number of anatase from the world famous Hardangervidda locality.


The limestone mines at Kjørholt by Porsgrunn has for years produced excellent calcite pieces. The crystals are of seemingly unlimited variations in colours and shapes. Most known are perhaps the honey calcite and the magnificent phantom crystals. Beryllen Mineralsenter has a variety of specimens from this location, both calcite and also pyrite / marcasite, The prices ranges from  NOK 50 to 2000,-.(USD 7 to 285, Euro 6,50 to 265)




Ravneberget at Søndeled is perhaps Norway's finest location of prehnite. Prehnite are found in several colours ranging from colourless through white/grayish to all possible yellows and greens. Besides the prehnite, more than 60 minerals are described from this locality. Beryllen Mineralsenter have several prehnites and also other minerals from this locality, and prehnite is available from NOK 40 to 600,-  (USD 5.70 to 86, Euro 5.25 to 79)




Smokey quartz and quartz

During the summer and autumn of 2001,  a marvellous find of smokey quartz, quartz and calcite was made at Sørli in Nord Trøndelag. The crystals are form 2-3cm up to 10 cm, and has been found in beatiful groups. We still have some of this find left, available from NOK 20 to 22.000,-.( USD 2.85 to 3,150, Euro 2.60 to 2900) 





This group of smokey quartz is approximately 50 x50 cm large.


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