Specialities from the Evje and Iveland Area


To front page Evje/Iveland is one of Norway's most well known pegmatite areas, and is in many ways our home area. Numerous minerals has been found here in the several hundred pegmatite quarries. Some of the minerals are quite rare, and several are of top international quality. If you wish, you will be able to build a quite extensive collection from this area from the specimens that are or will be available through our site.
















Thortveitite is the signature mineral of Evje and Ivelandsområdet. It is anmed after Olaus Thortveit of Iveland and was first found at Landsverk 3 at Evje. It was the first Scandium mineral ever described.





Several quarries in the area contains fluorapatite. Storsynken in the Knipane area in Iveland is perhaps the source of the best crystals. Last year, grayish green crystals of more than 5cm was found. The crystals sits in or near biotite veins in the pegmatite, and can be freed as complete crystals with or without matrix. Smaller crystals may be transparent and have a deep, clear geenish blue color. Here is a small but representative selection of last years finds.





The Steli mine in Iveland is well renown for its almandine garnets. The garnet crystals are found in feldspar or mica, either as single crystals or intrgronw crystals in layers in the rock. The crystals found in the mica do often have a unique flattend crystal shape, very characteristic for this occurance. Almandine crystals up to 5cm are known from Steli.


Late in the year 2002 several finds of gadolinite crystals was made in the Slobrekka mines at Iveland. The size of the largest crystals exceeded 6 cm (2,5 in). Specimens from this find has been purchased by Norsk Bergverksmuseum (Norwegian Mining Museum) in Kongsberg, by the Iveland collection  and Evje museum.
During 2004, there has been made some new finds of gadolinite, which are now available.




In regular intervals there are finds of beryl in the Brattekleiv quarry in Evje. The crystal's colour vary from pale green to sharp yellow. Some of the crystals have transparent areas, and crystals from this quarry has sucessfully been faceted. Some specimens contains monazite and/or ferrocolumbite in addition to the beryl. We still have a selection of specimens , priced from NOK 25,- til 2.000,- ( USD 3.50 to 285, Euro 3.30 to 260)



Smokey Quartz with hematite inclusions

We have been fortunate to get hold of an old find from the 1960ties from the Birkeland quarry in Iveland. The crystals are of several different sizes and shapes. Their transparancy ranges from fully transparent to cloudy. Many of the pieces has several crystal points on each plane. This is a rare and attractive selection.The specimens are priced from NOK 100 til NOK 2500,- ( USD 14 to 350, Euro 13 to 330)




During the last couple of years, quite a few specimens with cleavelandite crystals are found in the Birkeland quarry in Iveland. The crystals are white, often with clear and shiny terminations. They often appear with spessartine, epidote and muscovite crystals. We have crystals groups up to 40 cm available.




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